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Raw Material Clay Storage Yard

Xiejin factory owns a 45000 Sqm raw material yard to meet demanding of large scale storage of clay raw materials. Each batch of raw material would be passed strictly inspection. About 80% of the raw materials for next year’s production would be prepared in advance at this end of year to ensure tiles’ production stability and the color accuracy of the replenishment.

Ball Mill Grinding Equipment

The 60 ton large CNC ball grinding system improves the grinding capacity and ensures the grinding efficiency and also the stability of the formula.

Mixing Equipment

6 large slurry pools in 1000ton grade, and more than 20 of 100 tons/200 tons/500 tons grade pools, which can ensure the color demand for each batch of tiles, and also ensure the stability of quality.

Spraying Drying Tower

Type-5000 large spray drying tower which has capacity of 25 tons powder per hour, with uniform powder and good particle size.

Molding Forming Equipment

Fully automatic slab presses machinery brand Laeis made in Germany and brand Henglitai made in China.

Firing Equipment

6 Italian SITI brand kilns and 6 domestic origin kilns, with automatic digital display control, firing temperature is stable, product quality rate is super high.