What makes the 750X1500 tiles so popular

Be more in line with the requirements of building modulus

The specification of 750X1500 is more in line with the requirements of  building modulus. Building modulus is the size unit selected in the architectural design to achieve the conversion between different materials, forms and manufacturing methods, so that different elements can be coordinated in the same building.The basic modulus value is 100 mm, indicated by the symbol M.    

1M = 100mm.

There are also corresponding regulations for the expansion modulus determined based on the basic modulus, where in the horizontal expansion modulus is 3M,6M, 12M, 15M, 30M and 60M. In other words , in the field of architecture, 15M=1500m. The length of the 1500 coincides with the requirements of the building modulus, which reduces the possibility of conflict with other materials or combinations in the same building, greatly reducing post-processing. The 750x1500 is therefore also known as the gold specification.

Small size, easier construction

This wave of good big board has made the 1800x900mm,2400x1200mm, 3200x2400mm and other large-size tiles popular all over the world. However, due to the limitations of the cost, transportation and paving of the super-large boards, they are not so good. The relatively small body of the 750X1500 large board, its transportation and paving are too convenient compared to those of the super large board, and the paving effect is basically the same as that of the super large board, which provides the launch of the major brands 750X1500 large board a great show time.

Decorative effect is simple and atmospheric

750X1500mm gold big board, the choice of surface decoration technology is more flexible, and the natural stone texture is imitated by the table and the interior. The texture and color of the natural stone change are vividly displayed, and the decoration effect is better!

Deeply loved by modern designers

Large-area paving large-size ceramic tiles breaks through the aesthetic fatigue caused by traditional tile. The paving effect simplifies the cumbersome decoration of the home. Its laying style is generous and natural, giving a feeling of extension and openness. At the same time, due to 750x1500 Overall, it is slimmer and slender than the 900x1800, that  is also deeply loved by the pursuit of differentiated designers.

Less seams, easier to care

The 750X1500mm gold big board can minimize the collage marks when paving, reduce the dirt and dirt of the tiles, and make cleaning easier for you!

Easy to lay and high construction popularity

Because the specification of 750X1500 is more compact than other large boards, the two masters don't have to work hard, and there is not much demand for the paving process. similar with the paving 600x1200 specifications, many masters will basically lay the stickers.

Free cutting and high flexibility

Designers can freely cut 750X1500mm gold bid board according to actual needs, to meet the design and construction needs, to meet the unique design of modern living room needs.

Space application diversity

The 750X1500mm gold size big board , the application field is more extensive, can be applied to the lower ground, the upper wall, coffee table, table top, cabinet, sink, stove and so on.

Wide range of applications

Large-size ceramic tiles are more suitable for high-end comprehensive venues, such as high-end hotels, government and enterprise projects, luxury clubs, and high-end villas.            

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